How many people will the chocolate fountains serve?
Premium Fondue Chocolate will serve an unlimited amount of guests,
so you don’t pay per person, per dippable, or per pound of chocolate!

Can I use the chocolate fountains outside?
Yes, however, we must use a screened tent with wind and insect protection.
In order for the chocolate to flow smoothly over the tiers it must maintain a certain temperature.
In areas where there are cool breezes or the temperature are somewhat cold,
the fountain functionality may be affected. A good rule of thumb is this:
"If the temperature is low enough for guests to wear jackets or coats,
it's not a good idea to use the fountain outside."

What can we dip in the chocolate?
Almost anything you can imagine. Typically fruits such as strawberries and bananas work well.
Other popular items are pineapple, marshmallows, grapes, blueberries,
mangos, papaya, apple slices, dried apricots, pretzels, and of course maraschino cherries.
Things that are not recommended are foods that produce crumbs, such as cakes,
blackberries, raspberries, and some cookies.

What areas do you service?
Our pricing includes delivery, set up, attendant, unlimited dippables,
unlimited Premium Fondue Chocolate and clean up in the WNY Buffalo-Niagara Area.
Including Buffalo, Batavia, Rochester and Niagara Falls.

How much chocolate do you provide?

Do I have to set up, clean up, and tear down the chocolate fountain?
We arrive at your special event at least 1 hour prior to the designated starting time.
The fountain will then be carefully set up and the chocolate will be
melted and flowing when your guests begin to arrive.
We then will clean up and dismantle the Chocolate Fountain when our time has ended.
You will only have to enjoy your party!
Our packages include a staff member to attend the fountain.

What are the table and electrical requirements?
Since the chocolate fountain weighs over 100 lbs. when full, a sturdy table is a must.
Your banquet facility should provide two
table linens that will coordinate with your color scheme.
The chocolate fountain requires a 120 volt grounded electrical outlet
within 15 feet of the set-up location.